Quality Control

Quality control begins with acquiring high quality soybean for the production of soy milk. The beans considered most desirable for the process are called clear hylem, with a white (or colorless) hylem on the body of the bean. While the soybean is generally bland, the clear hylem variety is considered more flavorful. A number of soy milk producers market their product as organic and beans purchased from farmers for soy milk must be certified organic in order to be utilized.

The production of soy milk must be meticulously monitored to ensure that no bacteria grows in the low acid medium. Thus, many factories include over 206 quality control checkpoints in this production. Temperatures of water, steam, and the monitoring of pressure is essential in this process. In addition, the product is constantly analyzed as a sample of the product is taken off the line every 10 minutes and checked for pH, temperature, and bacterial growth (many samples are cultured). Because the product is sealed off from the workers for much of the production, visual checks occur primarily as the product comes off the line. Here, workers check to ensure packages are properly sealed.

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